Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Unusual lights in the sky (UFOs?)

First Sighting

I was waiting for a lift to work and I was looking over the road towards the east. The sun had risen and the sky was clear in the direction I was looking I noticed what appeared to be a large star in the sky. This was something I don’t see at this time or in this place. I knew that you can see stars early morning which are usually planets like Venus but I had never seen it there before. It was very bright and I was puzzled how it could be seen in the south east with the sun being so close by. I also was sure that it wasn’t perfectly round, it almost looked like a smaller star was attached to it which is when I thought maybe it was a firework or flare, except it hadnt moved. I looked to see the distance between the roof of a building in that direction and the ‘star’ and it didn’t change. It was now 7.55am and although people do let off fireworks at funny times before 8am on a Monday morning didn’t seem very likely any way. At this point I must have put it down for being a star or planet, and maybe ask someone from work. I took my eyes off it looking down the road for a few seconds and when I looked back up the ‘star’ was gone! I searched and searched for any trace of it, no clouds, no smoke, no other stars or anything. Ive no idea what it was.

The photo above I took in the same place a couple of weeks before as the sun rose up behind trees, the light I saw was above the building to the right.

Second Sighting...

This happened to me on Friday afternoon (20th November) as I was walking home not that far from the same area I saw the other light, just two weeks before. It was about 4.50pm but the sun had already set and the sky was dark and clear enough to show the stars. I looked ahead and above to the South at three bright stars in a row. Then I noticed that the ‘star’ on the left side was actually moving off to the left. It was bright like a big star or planet and it was gliding over to the East. Over on the West side I could see and hear a plane, it had three flashing lights. This was interesting as it highlighted the difference between the two lights. I was still watching as the white light curved slowly as it glided to the East while trying to figure out what it might be. Maybe private planes have different lights I don’t know but after the last one im quite amazed these things happen and nobody seems to notice.

I cant say for sure what either of these sightings were, I didn’t experience any unusual feelings while it was happening and the whole thing seemed as real as everything else around me at the time. On the second time I did kind of panic in the moment as to wether I should try at photograph it (using a camera phone at night for a small light?)

Ive heard there has been a wave of ufo sightings this month which is why these events seem significant to me. I havent seen anything unusual in the sky since maybe the mid 90s. This month was also whats called Pleiadian Lineup which occurs twice a year when the Pleiadian star system is said to line up to ancient stargates on Earth allowing them to visit us more easily for several days. These would be etheric ships but could show themselves.

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