Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Hidden Meaning of the Movie Avatar (A Spiritual Perspective)

I think I was one of the few people on Earth who had not seen Avatar yet. I tried but for some reason the universe didnt want me to see it till now. This was the first 3D feature length movie I have seen and it was pretty mind blowing even without the effects. I think many people thought the film was just another sci-fi with lots of explosions and no meaningful message but they were wrong. One thing I was sure of was that there are many layers of spiritual and metaphysical meaning in this film. The following is just what I spotted, im sure the experience is very personal for many people and more layers will reveal themselves once ive had chance to absorb it more.

Body Jumping & the Avatars Experience
This was a huge part in the messages of this movie though im guessing allot of people didnt pay much attention to it. The whole concept looked at the idea that we are not just our physical bodies and that consciousness could be transfered from body to body almost like reincarnation. The term Avatar is used in Hindu for when a God incarnates on Earth and has more recently become a term for someone's digital persona online or personal computer game character.

I liked how when the Navi Avatar body was asleep the consciousness would return to the human body and awaken in the chamber. Some say that when Starseeds are sleeping they can visit home ethericly or that they download all the information they have learned back to their home worlds. The other thing it reminded me of was the Walk-in experience, where a soul exchanges places with that of someone on a planet. There is even whats known as a Stasis Walk-in which is where a being from another star system goes into a sleep chamber and transfers their consciousness to a body on Earth.

The whole Avatar process made the main character question what was the 'real world', kind of like the message of the movie The Matrix. To further enhance this we were treated to it being in 3D, for those who have experienced a lucid dream you will know how similar it was. The viewer was invited to enter another world themselves.

DNA Mixing Messages
From the opening scenes it was explained that the biological avatars could only hold a persons consciousness if they had some of the DNA of the person. Scientists used a portion of a persons DNA and mixed it with that of the Navi, this seemed to be most apparent in the facial features of the avatars. This is an interesting concept to me because ive always thought there was some kind of DNA link between a persons soul and the body. From the concept of Starseeds, there has been much said about how a being from another planet incarnating into an Earth body which was suitable. This could be due to the ancestral line of the body which must contain some DNA from the same off world race which mixed with humans in the ancient past or the belief that Starseeds have one ET parent. Either way the spiritual DNA imprints or stamps the human DNA which is why some Starseeds have particular features such as big eyes for example.

Pandora's is not a planet!
Not much was said about Pandora's location but if you were paying attention to the space scenes and sky during the movie you would have noticed something quite unusual. Pandora is not a planet... Its a Moon. Pandora orbits a giant gas planet not a star, the planet looks very much like Jupiter complete with an eye like storm and multiple moons. The other possiblity is that this is a Brown Dwarf which gives off enough heat to support life on orbiting moons even when far away from their local sun.

Our scientists currently think there is a possibility one of the moons of Jupiter which is covered in ice could harbor aquatic life. In the past year astronomers keep finding gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn around other stars. Why were we shown this tropical moon called Pandora, are we being prepared for such a discovery in the future?

The Na'vi - A Feline Race & Culture
These beings are very tall and exhibit feline ears, eyes, stripes, agility and have a tail. It was obvious from the first images that the Navi were based on feline ETs which is not something you see very often in sci-fi movies. The Feline beings have been documented in some channeling material by several authors and are believed to be a positive species which may have visited Earth in the distant past (Egypt). The felines also known as the Paschats and the Lion People are said to be very tall feline humanoids, master geneticists, spiritual, very proud and deeply emotional species. Others have said they are very communal species which deep respects their ancient ancestors. It seems like the movie was introducing people to the felines to me. I also nearly choked when I heard the theme song for Avatar is sung by Leona Lewis, not only does Leona mean Lion like or Lioness, notice how her features are very feline and how much she even looks like the Navi. I think a gentle soul like Leona could possibly be a Starseed of feline origins.

The blue Felines of the Navi are a race and culture which were intimately connected with nature and the feminine consciousness of their home world. They lived in harmony with their environment and had respect for all other life forms and plants they shared it with. They lived in a tribal community much like Earths indigenous people and had respect for their ancestors (sound familiar?). They had no need for advanced technology, conquering worlds or building endless shopping malls.

The Native American influence of the Navi culture and the story on one level can symbolize the Native Americans and the early settlers but I think it goes even deeper. It really made you think about what the so called civilized nations of Earth think they are doing. Why are we so disconnected from nature, the people we live near and our natural intuition? Why do our governments have a bloody history of attempts to 'civilize', wipe out, displace or convert just about every type of indigenous people on our planet?

Pandoras Eco System
The landcape just blew me away, partly because it just looked so real and convincing. The plants and trees all looked like they belonged together. The fluorescent nature of some plants, species and the spots on the Navis faces all seemed like perfectly possible biological traits, even slightly familiar. More often we are shown barren, dry desert type planets. I think our view of life on other planets (and moons!) is quite limited, looks like biological diversity can be found in the darkest, dryest, coldest, hotest, highest, wettest ares of our small planet, so why not anywhere else? Many starseeds remember forested planets, waterfalls and lush plant life.

Flying Creatures
I liked for once that the most reptilian looking creatures were not just categorized as evil like most sci-fi movies. These beings were a cross between bit like dragons and birds and dinosaurs. Jelaila Starr in her books talks about how when a species is still evolving on a planet Carians (bird like ET beings) would protect them from other races who were more 'technologically advanced' from interfering.

The Ore - Unobtainium
The mineral the humans were looking for was called Unobtainium which is obviously a play on the word unobtainable. On one level this scenario of looking to mine other planets for precious metals, ores or minerals does seem to represent the lengths we go to to get oil, gold and diamonds. Is it just a coincidence that the most troubled parts of the world just happen to be rich in minerals? What lengths would we as a race go to in the future to get what we want for our ever expanding and technology reliant civilizations?

On an extraterrestial level there seemed to be even more going on here. The Anunnaki and the Nephilim have been translated as various things including "those that came down from the sky" many believe they visited Earth for our Gold deposits thousands of years ago. The Navi refered to the humans as 'Sky people'.

Interconnected Energy & Gaia Theory
The Navi talked of people returning to the spirit of the planet on death, showing how all is connected and energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change form as our own Earth scientists tell us. Also I felt that the tree of souls was an interesting concept which could be symbolic of the tree of life or the soul group/family and aspects of the oversoul. The Navi's whole spiritual tradition was based on this idea and that the moon they lived on was a living entity and that all creatures, planets and im guessing rocks were conscious beings part of a greater whole just like Gaia theory. We were told that the root system of Pandora was interconnected and the Navi themselves would plug in with their tails to trees and other beings. Information was downloaded and uploaded like a spiritual internet.

Again if your drawn to spirituality you will be very familiar with these ideas and there is a feeling a knowing that these things are true and even more so in other dimensions and worlds beyond our solar system. Essentially this raises questions of how we treat other species and Earths eco system and in the climax of the film the creatures of Pandora recieving their distress signal through the forest network had to defend their world. Some say nature is already shaking off its biggest threat right now, the human race.

The humans
"We will fight terror with terror" was a quote that made me chuckle. Again you could see the movie as the invasion of the middle East but again there are other ways to look at this. Although there was distrust between both the humans and the Navi it was the humans which were portrayed as the aggressive, materialistic and ignorant group. For once the humans were not the goodies and the aliens were not trying to invade our planet or eat our brains... There are many people who seem to think us humans are perfect and that we should fear anything which originates outside Earth. There is allot of blaming and demonizing going on at the moment and I just think we should look at ourselves and ask is it really our right to judge how terrible other beings are when we are no model society with an even worse track record. I liked how the main human characters sided with the Navi and were prepared to say the destruction of their world was wrong.

The Lyra Vega connection
I could not help but notice the similarities between the channeled works of Lyssa Royal and Jeliala Starr. Lyssa Royal tells us of how human life began in the star system of Lyra. A planet orbiting the star of Vega which she only refers to as 'the Apex Planet' developed into a group of humans who were very spiritual, in touch with their planet and were similar to a Native American culture... This world was later the centre of a huge war with another group from within Lyra which had become more masculine oriented and technologically advanced rather than spiritual, invaded and the planet was destroyed.

Jelaila Starr calls this planet Avyon, she says this planet was lush and green with lots of water. The original beings here were felines (yes) and much later the people here were still spiritual, living in a more feminine bases society, worshiped their ancestors but perhaps were overly trusting of outsiders. The more reptilian humanoids who first landed here were seen as Gods and were in fact just scientists and biologists... Due to the later influence of their world leaders the visitors declared war on the natives and those of their own species who sided with them when they couldnt gain full control and Avyon was destroyed in a massive galactic war. Could this ancient event be playing out in our stories, legends, lives and now movies?

Avatar was very emotional and although it didnt end on a bad note it did leave me feeling quite down afterwards. I heard people have been suffering from depression after watching the film there is certainly a feeling that things are not quite right here. I think the film will leave a huge impact on the psyche and mass consciousness. There will be allot of awakenings and many people will realise they came from somewhere else. It asks the question what are the human race becoming and what will become of our homeworld? I believe ultimately we are supposed to be a Land Guardian race certainly if we wish to keep this place.

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  1. Intriguing points you brought up here. I also processed something similar (discluding some details and references) in my head after seeing the movie, and now that it's all actually written down and analysed in front of me - makes me question my own train of thought even less.

    It truly was a great piece, and I'm not the least bit surprised to hear that it's influenced the psyche of the masses. That's the kind of effect art has on people, it's nothing new if you think about it. Art plays a distinct role in the history of mankind after all... and this time around the issues are, needless to say, big enough to be taken note of.

  2. Thanks for your comments Sebastian,glad its confirmed that there are people on the same wave length. I think that even the ones who didnt 'get it' will have taken it in subconsciously and it may be time coded info for them.

  3. Hi...i watched The(Avatar) in 3 times. And i learned many things. Now i'm going to watching it 4th time for getting more knowledge.

    1. Glad you took the time to read this very long blog post :)

  4. I had been doing a lot of research on Ayahuasca and spritual healing and in the process I was beginning to learn about something else. Something I always thought was just a drug, LSD.
    I was keeping some in my freezer for my boyfriend and I. It was Saturday and I wanted to wait till Sunday to do it just to make sure I knew what I was doing and was sure I had taken away all negative energy beforehand so that I didn't have a bad trip. Suddenly I couldn't wait though. Something was telling me it couldn't wait, So I did it and I can say It honestly was everything I thought it could be and more. I used this meditation video on YouTube right after taking it and did the meditation over and over again until it kicked in.

    I did't see much hallucinations at first but I felt her. She told me, "We're not going to worry about the colors and shapes right now. I've been trying to contact you for so long and I have so much to tell you. You are such a smart girl and you knew all along!"
    Here then I realized there is a higher power and you'll fall to your knees in tears when you realize that Mother Universe has been trying to connect you in ways that us broken people over look. You'll never understand until you experience it yourself. It's honestly something words can't describe. But if you ever needed to know why of anything, this is it! Our higher power is the mother of all living things! It's a large energy that feels very nurturing something that feels like a woman's love. If this is something that you never do, you will always and forever be disconnected and lost in my opinion. This is something I can truly say I will NEVER regret or feel ashamed of doing in my life. It saved me and made me look at the world in a better way. It gave me years of therapy in one night! If you could only experience this, you would see! You would stop the bad things you may be doing in your life and realize there is no need. You are truly loved so deeply by her and the people around you that you may be taking for granted. It's like the trees they don't just say, "Here take this oxygen and breath it in." We just do it. And that's how the universe communicates with you when you use a tool like LSD or Ayahuasca. She just does! You see that It's a tool that's been mimicked from nature and made by man but then you realize that it's been taken away from you. From all of us and she let's you know that! She makes it very clear to you. You learn from her that there is no good and evil - heaven or hell. It is our egos that create monsters that create bad people. Our egos ingulf us into darkness. She can break down that ego! Once you take it, an hour later you begin to giggle and laugh. You can feel her energy breaking down that brick wall that you keep up to protect yourself from the world. You then begin to run into realization after realization about everything you've ever questioned or doubted in life. It's very overwhelming yet beautiful. You cry and not just for yourself but for everyone. You realize everyone on earth is running around looking for a pill in hopes in returning to happiness but it is all false hope for profit and for control. All the healing you need is from her. You will always know that you are loved and death is nothing to fear. We are all one and when you die you just simply go back to the universe. Once you feel and understand this on a deep level, it brings you to tears of happiness and peace. She left us here with everything we ever needed. It's just been taken away.

    Once you see, you cannot unsee.

  5. Well watching Avatar I realized that it reminded me very much of my profound experience on LSD. It also reminded me of other people's experience's during a Ayahuasca ceremony. Ayahuasca also known as DMT kicks in after about 40 minutes and gives you an outer body experience taking you on a journey to what people explain to be another place / Realm / planet. You are guided through a journey the often looks like a beautiful place like in Avatar to learn about your deeper Self and the world around you.

    Note: If you ever decide to use tools like LSD or Ayahuasca for spiritual growth and healing please do your research first and use a testing kit to make sure what you have is pure LSD or DMT. Ayahuasca ceremonies are finally legal in United States for spiritual purposes in certain churches as our birthright to connect with Mother universe.