Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blood Red Full Moon Dream and the Rebirthing of Gaia

This is an update on the red Moon dreams I had, one only recently where I saw a red Full Moon in the night sky. I did some researching into the red or blood Moon and its meaning and was surprised to learn that the moon turing red as blood is in the Revelations. Im surprised nobody ive shared the dreams with ever mentioned this but that seems to be how it goes sometimes. I got a real shock that it was also tied in with an Earthquake also. Its just to much of a coincidence, im sure the passage relates to a future event but there is a connection with this symbol for some of us. Here is the passage:

"When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood" - Rev 6:12

I spoke to a friend about this and she said that the blood moon is a feminine symbol related to the womb (guys use your imagination here) and that it symbolises the birthing or rebirthing process of the New Earth. Giving birth is not easy and Gaia is currently going through allot of changes so this makes sense of the ancient prophecies as well as showing astronomical timing or events.

I know someone who feels very strongly that there may be a big quake on the West coast of the US. Im no longer sure my dream relates to Japan, all I know is this could be a large quake if it happens.


  1. When i was a teen in the 70s i had this dream many times. People were running crazy and terrified. The xian preachers were almost running, leading what was left of their followers, who knows where and yes, connected to major earthquake. You are the first i've known to speak of this. Thank you.

  2. Oh yes I bet they had a field day lol. You know the blog about the blood moon dream is one of my highest viewed posts on here. I had this spate of dreams about the moon changing or two moons in 2011. I do wonder why I had them.

  3. (T, 30 Sept 2014 ) - parts of a dream: I saw a light in the sky; like the "sun" (and it was night). Then there came a blood-red moon -- who moved fast, to the right (think it moved 2 or 3 times) -- and right after there came a half-moon (either right or left moon). And suddenly there came a great flood/waterfall and covered the trees..

    Yeshua is coming...prepare ye the way / heart..

    John 3:16

  4. in my dream, i was part of a crowd on a hill top, i saw this one star move around the sky and hit the sun, and then disappeared, and then on the right horizon appeared a red moon and at that moment everyone went on their knees and worshiped, like in anticipation for what was to come and my dream ended .

  5. I had this exact dream but instead of an earthquake The ground was flooding, not enough to drowned the world but enough to be significant. The sky was black and the 4 blood moons merged together to make one extremely large red moon. I never knew about the blood moon prophecy or anything else about moon dream like these, but I prayed the night before for god to give me a sign that his day is near out of hatred for what our world has become and my dream was so undeniably real that when I woke, peace was poor over me. I have walked in his holy spirit ever since. The end is near and I for one is at peace with what it may bring.

  6. I'm sam here last night i dream 3 red full moon then i bring my kids run. Who can tell me what hapen?

  7. Just woke up having a dream I was on a 13th floor of a building with my sister and others....from the 13th floor we were looking at the moon, it then turned into a blood moon suddenly- it happened so fast. Thunderbolts around the moon (also red) started hitting buildings....all of a sudden the building that I was in started to shake like it was about to collapse...I just remember grabbing my sister and taking the stairs all the way down to exit the building....we and others made it out. Once out- everything stopped but the environment I was in was destroyed.

    1. I now think this dream is much more about rebirth and big changes in our lives. It can also be a sign that a difficult situation is going to come to an end.

  8. I had a same dream as you last night.. it was big full moon that color red .. and i was nevous when i was awake coz i know theres a some deep meaning of it

  9. I had a dream recently where I was walking outside of a Walmart at night. But this was no ordinary Walmart, it was half Walmart, half laser tag arena. There were a few of my friends, whom I haven't seen is a few years, waiting in a line outside of the laser tag portion. I joined then and began to greet them. The night was quiet and the moon was out. Suddenly, the moon started to change. It slowly shifted from the right side to a new moon, then to a full moon, and then back to a new moon in a matter of seconds. The changes picked up pace for a few iterations and then slowed back down. Then, the moon changed to a red color as it shifted from a new moon. When the red moon reached the full moon phase, the earth shook so violently that I could not see what was happening. I managed to grab something before I fell to the floor and hung on for dear life. Then I woke up. Dreams a weird.