Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Seven Secrets to Protection from Psychic Energy Vampires

Is there somone around you who makes you feel tired, drained or flat whenever you are around them? Do you know anyone who when they stop to talk to you makes you feel like you are a fly trapped in their emotional drama web, and are about to be sucked dry for dinner? Experiencing upsetting repetative troll like personal attacks from someone online? You might have a Psychic Vampire...

These days they come in all shapes and sizes, some are pretty harmless, while others are full time vamps, there are actual books teaching people how to steal energy from others... Most these people have no idea they are doing this, but there are some who knowingly go about looking for energy sources to pull from. There are ways you can handle the situation, such as not spending to so much time around them or communicating with them. If thats not working or they are draining you distantly there are many psychic protection tools you can put into practice. Here are my top tips and secrets for dealing with Psychic Vampires.

1. Learn about Pychic Protection and impliment it straight away. Shielding techniques are freely available online if you look for them, ask around your spiritual friends. There are also many books on the subject, so use what works for you.

2. If your current shielding does not seem to work around this person, upgrade it fast. Adding extra layers, colours or symbols will usualy do the trick. Some Energy Vampires are stronger than others.

3. Avoid cutting off all communication straight away, this will only cause them to create attention seeking dramas or 'poor me' energy grabbing techniques to pull you back into their easily available energy sources to plug into. Watch out for clever mind games if you have known them for a while.

4. Never accuse them of what you suspect, you could be wrong and even if your not you will only agrivate them into a psychic attack. They may also just think you are crazy!

5. You can call on assistance from your Guides and guardians, Angels or Archangels such as Archangel Michael or whatever works for you.

6. Do not go into fear over this as that will only weaken your psychic protection quicker. Some really nasty psychic vampires will even feed off this fear. Stay strong and be confident about the actions and release any ties you have to this person, look into 'Etheric Cord Cutting' techniques.

7. You can use ceratin symbols, crystals and stones for protection such as in the form of jewellery, like bracelets and pendants. This is an age old tradition found in many ancient cultures. To find out some of the best crystals for protection from Psychic Vampires read part 2 here:

Crystals and Stones for Protection from Psychic Vampires

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