Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Movies, Books, Beads & why 2012 is still 2012 - December Update

This is a bit of an update on what ive been doing and where I have been. I know its been a little while since I posted a new blog here and I do intend on posting some new articles soon. I have changed the address and name of this blog to try to reduce any confusion with my Merkaba Warrior design work which is on a similar titled blog. This blog is now called 7th Element with all new address so please change any bookmarks to the old address. 

Ive been very busy since November and December so far has been really busy. For those that don’t know I design and make spiritual and metaphysical jewellery and a few months ago had a complete change of direction with this and major downloads of inspiration which have kept me very busy. Also this has been followed by a lot of interest in what I do and a lot of new clients, especially with Christmas coming up which I am very grateful for.

I spent most of October in my spare time rewatching a lot of modern classic horror and dark fantasy movies which ive not seen in over 10 years including Bram Stokers Dracula, Sleepy Hollow and The Matrix. I also saw part one of the last instalment of the Twilight movies which was well, a vast improvement on the last film and enough to really put teenage girls off getting pregnant… OMG. I just discovered that Konstantinos the author of Vampires: The Occult truth released a book last year called Werewolves: The Occult Truth. Ive been very curious about the whole shamanic connection with werewolves and their current revival for a while.

Im currently reading the revised and expanded edition of The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal which has a whole new section based on additional channelled information. Im also reading The Fellowship of the Ring which is something ive wanted to do since the movies were made. Im so blown away by how much more there was to the story which never made it to the screen. The Fellowship remains my favourite movie of the trilogy and even with the expanded version I can see how it would really have took maybe three 3 hour movies to cover the first book alone…

New movies ive seen and enjoyed lately were Anonymous, The Box and Eat, Pray Love. Im enjoying hunting down vintage and antique items such as coins, beads and Buddha amulets to use in my jewellery designs. Spiritually ive received a few revelations and confirmations about my origins and connections. Im feeling quite optimistic about my future and the planet right now and wonder what 2012 holds in store for us all. I kept my mouth firmly shut about the whole “2012 is really 2011” theory. Although I think Calamans work is very good and had proven to be accurate I just didn’t feel right about his end date. I think there is a reason so many people were drawn to 2012-2013 time period and that many just seemed to jump on the Ocober 28th bandwagon just because they believe to much in conspiracy. There are still to many correlations with the end of 2012 from various cultures not to mention astronomical alignments for me to ignore.

I saw a recent ‘news fail’ which made me roll my eyes announcing that the 2012 end date which has recently been found on another Mayan historic site is not really the end of the world! Oh wow really? I still don’t get how so many who are into 2012 are supposed to believe that when nobody, not one person ive met in all these years has ever said they actually believe that. Anyway I thought id leave you with John Major Jenkins comments on the whole ‘news’ about this which I saw he posted on facebook in response to Andrew Collins sharing the link to the article, made me laugh anyway:

"John Major Jenkins Andrew, well, the piece on Gronemeyer's "discoveries" certainly has gotten a lot of media play. He states that it's not about doomsday, it's about era renewal and the return of a deity. Gee, where have I heard that before? There are a lot of "discoveries" being asserted right now by scholars which are actually reiterations of what I've been saying for over 15 years. Yes, "transformation & renewal", not doomsday. The astronomical part is what most scholars, including Gronemeyer, continue to overlook. Someday they will "discover" what I proposed many years ago. My SAA presentation (April 2010) on the astronomy of the 13 dates on Tortuguero Monument 6 is available at The Center for 2012 Studies website. My work at Izapa 1994-1997 resulted in the reconstruction of the astronomy --- that the Dec 21, 2012 was selected because of the rare alignment of the solstice sun and the Crossroads of Milky Way & ecliptic (southern terminus of the dark rift, not Cygnus). Now, this too is being indicated by the astronomy in the Tortuguero dates. http://LJ2012-booklet.html/ "


  1. I've also been watching a lot of horror movies. Wonder why? :-) Maybe it's the best I can find about the spirit world. I also finally watched The Secret - interesting, I can recommend it.

  2. I think that Winter has something to do with it, things die and things come back to life later lol. I enjoyed the secret though they dont tell you everything in the movie, it did have a huge impact on the world