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Starseed Origins - Not as simple as it looks

When you first start exploring the concept of being a Starseed and soul origins most of the info is very general and I do think some of it can give people overly simplistic expectations. This then leads to confusion and sometimes a blinkered approach in some people, something ive noticed quite alot on forums for Starseeds, Indigos, Walk-ins and Lightworkers.

Awakening to the idea that you may be a Starseed is exciting, for most the first thing as well as recognising the characteristiscs of being a Starseed are accompanied by a sense of knowing you originate from another world or dimension. For some people they may have actual past life memories on other stars, and you will no doubt meet those who know exactly from which planet and sector of the galaxy they came from.

I must have come from the prettiest planet!

Within the Starseed movement, there have been many Starseed teachers and authors who most people will begin to learn more about the Starseed identity and soul mission. These are all great things but almost all of them will present you with a picture that looks like this "I am a Sirian" or "I am from the Pleiades".

They will tell you of their past life memories, speak to their guides or off world councils who are also from the same Star System. The sense of connection, and knowing who you really are and why you are here now is very appealing. Now if only I could remember where my I came from... And so the mission begins.

The DNA Nebula

What ive seen in the last 5 years or so since I became aware of this myself is exactly what I went through. In the begining I was looking for that one place, I actually had two psychics tell me the exact same Star System in a row.

I think as more things unfolded on my spiritual journey I started to realise that this idea that we come from Source, incarnate on a planet and then continue to only incarnate there until we decided to come to Earth is not that common. In the same way I would find it very unusual and a bit limiting for a soul to have only incarnated on Earth in lets say France or Africa or only as a male for example.

I have seen many people post their astrological birthcharts or tell people about their birth marks or experiences and then ask for peoples opinions or psychic readings for their star origin. What ive noticed is when people take their time to respond to them, and this does not match what they have in their head, they don't want to know.

They want confirmation but if anyone sees any other past lives (which could actually help them access more of who they are) which do not match their belief they think the info must be 'wrong'.

Conspiracy Keanu says

The other thing ive seen is people who feel drawn to lets say the Pleiades and Pleiadian channelings but dont think they can be from there because they dont have the right skin colour or eye colour! All I say on this is although some souls will incarnate into bodies that contain DNA which is similar to their homeworld this is not always the case and in some cases its the opposite.

Remember not all of your DNA is active, you can carry lets say the gene for green eyes but not have green eyes yourself. Also I feel much of the information on ET races is very generalised and based on particular groups which interact more with Earth humans.

In my experience there are Pleiadians with blonde, white, brown, red and black hair, skin tones can be white, tan, brown, blue and black. The Pleiades is a large area, different Suns and planets will create different races, not to mention millions of years of interplanetary imigration from other planets and galaxies including Felines and Reptilians...

Some soul groups have event chosen to come incognito to Earth, delibrately choosing bodies which look nothing like their previous ones to avoid detection from certain groups.

But I cant be a Sirian, my personality is nothing like them! Another trap, there are many different opinions of what the characteristics there are of different Starseed origins. Ultimatly they are just that, opinions and in many cases it is being very general so dont let that put you off. Imagine describing what Earth human personalities are?

Sorry guys, you cant incarnate on Earth because you have blue skin.

What I want people to be most aware of is, its actually very common for Starseeds to have more than one planetary origin. You may have started out in Arcturus, then once you experienced that you incarnated in Vega and then Andromeda before coming here. You may also have had many lives on Earth inbetween. Which one is home?

Well it depends on how you look at it, some people see where they first incarnated as being their original home, others feel they have a stroger connection with their last off world incarnation. I think in the begining its alot easier for us to wrap our heads around one place, usually one which is most relevant to us at that time. As time moves on more memories and signs will come up which will point elsewhere, each star system, each past life is another piece of the grand puzzel that is your soul.

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  1. This was wonderfully written! From a soul who has finally opened up to her truth and ORIGINS.
    Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks Moon High Priestess, glad it helped

    2. I'm coming to the same conclusions the more I see. I think for me, going 'home' will be finding the dimension/place that feels like it works the way I think it should. Like, "Hey, unlike Earth, everything here seems to make sense!" :) I look forward to that. Very much.

  2. I like your post, it is refreshing in the middle of all the starseed chaos :)

  3. I've had Pleiades tossed at me but, (Starseed Wise) I've been told that I am more like a Sirius. Though I do match the Pleiades too. I think I behave a tad more like a Sirius. LOL

  4. I came across this blog post when I done a search on starseed origins. This really explains alot to me as I have been super confused on which is my starseed origin. :'( I have really been trying hard to figure it out and have been doing everything you mentioned in this blog. I really need to focus within and find out for myself or seek a trusted pyschic which are few and far between from what I hear

    1. The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. If you look for a psychic which knows about this stuff always just take it on board but dont get attached until you get confirmation later.

    2. Ethan! Thank you for your insight and your informative blog! really helped me out alot!