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Are Pyramids Bad Feng Shui for the Home?

Gemstone Pyramid

This is a common belief in Feng Shui that the pyramid shape is a 'Yin Structure' meaning that it is not a place or object that supports Yang and life giving energies and is part of Yin Feng Shui which is used for the design of graveyards and burial sites. Generally and certainly in the traditional Eastern schools of Feng Shui it is advised that people do not use the pyramid in home design or display it.

When I first started to learn about Feng Shui about 13 years ago I didnt really question this. Most of us think of the pyramids at Giza when people mention the word 'Pyramid' which we are told were huge tombs for the Egyptian royalty.

Pyramids at Giza

As I began to study alternative history such as the works of Graham Hancock for example I began to wonder about the real purpose of the pyramids in Egypt and all over the world. Not one of the three giant Pyramids at Giza contained a body of a Egyptian king. They may well have contained a mummy at one point but was that their purpose only?

Central to the Ancient Egyptian religion was their creation myth. After a great flood the first land formed as a mountain. Some have theorised that the structure was meant to represent a mountain, a high place that touched the stars or heaven... I wont go into the star alignments but I just think its interesting if we look at the reason pyramids may have been chosen.

There has been much talked about the power of a pyramid as some kind of preservation device but also as some kind of energy center. The Russians in experiments with large pyramids are believed to have discovered that seeds placed in them were more fertile when later planted than those that were not. This is not a yin action at all. To me the Egyptians were about rebirth than death.

Chinese Pyramid in Xianyang. The Chinese government are very reluctant to let foreigners in to study the structures and have only once agreed to a visa for this purpose

So what about the Pyramids of ancient China? We still know very little about these but it appears some Emperors were buried in giant Pyramids. Many of these Pyramids became covered in earth and grass and trees. They look just like... Mountains. Now could it be the ancient Chinese didnt pic this structure because of its tomb like powers but because it represented the power of the mountain? A central theme in Feng Shui is the life giving yang chi generated by mountains. They also symbolise protection, power and likely the timeless presence of their form which may have been why the Emperors wanted to be inside a 'mountain'.

This is a Chinese Pyramid

In South America although some Pyramids have contained tombs they were almost always built as Temples. I have used a copper pyramid to cleanse and balance the energy of crystals and other things that needed purifying. I invested in a Meru Pyramid (Shown below) which takes its name from the Hindu tradition about a central 'Mountain'.

The Meru Pyramid uses the Sri Yantra Mandala

Mountains appear to have been connected to the 'Gods' since ancient times but to me this is a Spiritual connection not a Yin purpose though it may be used that way if needed. I do display gemstone pyramids in my home and do not feel it causes any problems. People who are sensitive to energy feel a beam like effect from the top of pyramids, this is very Yang to me. Triangles are considered a fire shape in many cultures and in Feng Shui to. The square is considered an Earth shape so I feel quite certain this is not a Yin form these days. That being said keep things always in balance I wouldt want to maybe live in a pyramid but mainly because I would find it to energizing and would never get to sleep!

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