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How to Space Clear your Home (Like You Mean It)

I will show you exactly what I do for a very thorough cleansing or 'deep clean' of the home and what I do to actually fill my home with positive energy afterwards. This is the vital part that most do not incorporate into their cleansing methods and will give your space clearing a 'Secret Weapon' to keep things cleansed for longer.

I first discovered Space Clearing around the year 2000 and have been doing it ever since. There are many ways to cleanse a room or your home and different traditions will have different ways to do this. I have worked with quite a few different methods over the years but have found the following practices to be the most effective for me.

Why Space Clear?

Space Clearing will cleanse the energy or atmosphere of your home of all negative, stuck or unbalanced energies. The energy of a room or your home can stagnate which can cause problems as well as make you feel sluggish, drained and can even manifests as blocks and obstacles in your life when left unchecked. These energies build up like dust over time but can also be caused by arguments, periods of illness, excessively fearful or very negative thinking and depressive thoughts from you or anyone who lives in your home.

How Often Should I Space Clear?

You can space clear when you feel it needs to be done. After any type of bad event, arguments, periods of depression or runs of bad luck. Its also good to clear after any periods of intense change, big changes in your personal life as it supports a fresh start. Some cleanse their homes once a month, and its a good idea to do it at least a few times a year. Dont worry if you have nerver done it, start now and feel the difference. Here is some more info about the tools you can use:

The Singing Bowl

These transmute negative energies back into positive energies. They rebalance the energies of the home and will give your Chakras and Aura a good clean too! I use a Tibetan Singing Bowl which is made from seven metals, most are made from brass and will do the job. You do not need a large bowl, a small 4 to 5 inch bowl will work just fine. Make sure the Singing Bowl comes with not just the mallet but also a small cushion which helps with the sound.

Sandalwood Incense Blocks

You can use standard incense cones but please check with any incense that it is made from natural ingredients and definatly not just 'fragranced' to smell like Sandalwood. Although Sandalwood is used to purify it also has the ability to fill your home with positive vibrations and yang energies. I find the best Sandalwood blocks to use if your cleansing the whole house are the traditional shaped blocks used in Asia if you can find them. These can be found in Bell or Cup shapes and Gold Ingots, ive even seen Lotus Flower blocks. This adds powerful positive symbolism to your incense burning, once fully burned the shape will have turned into smoke and filled your home. They are also ideal for adding other loose or powdered incense in the method I will show you below.

Tibetan Incense

These are not Joss sticks, but sticks of handmade blended incense which can be broken off and sprinkled onto charcoal blocks or other incense. Traditionaly these are made by hand and some even by Buddhist Monks in places like Tibet, Nepal and The Himalayas. Look for mixed herb blends not the single incense such as Sandalwood or Jasmine. This inscense is used for its purifying properties, and spiritual energy. Some of the best blends are made with herbs and barks gathered from the foothills or mountains of the Himalayas, try 'Snow Lion'. As only a small amount is used each time, a bundle of these sticks could easily last you a lifetime. Im not even joking.

Incense Holders

To start you could use an old dish or bowl lined with tin foil but really you should get a proper incense holder or burner which can withstand the heat and distribute it so you can hold it without getting to hot and less risk when placing it on surfaces. Some people place sand in the bottom to help this and stop any scorching. I always used to use a black dish like Incense Holder which is made of cast iron but recently I got a special one which has a handle and air vents which keeps the base cool and keeps the incense from going out. Look for holders, dishes, censors or burners designed for incense cones or charcoal blocks which can also be carried around.

The Singing Bowl Method

With the Singing Bowl placed on its cushion in one hand use the other hand to gently and slowly rub the rim of the bowl with the mallet in a clockwise motion. This produces the 'singing' sound a high pitched metallic sound that fills the room. I walk around each room in my home clockwise, pausing at doors, windows and corners of the room. I also move from each room and area on each floor of the house in a clockwise direction until everywhere has been done.

The Incense Burning Method

Open all the windows in the house. Place the incense Sandalwood Incense block in a suitable incense holder. Light the Incense Block with a lighter, when you see a flame blow it out and it should start to produce smoke. Break off a small piece of Tibetan Incense about a little over a centimeter will do, crumble this over the top of the Incense Block. As above slowly and carefully walk around each room in a clockwise motion and around the house in a clockwise way. If the block is still burning by the time you finish you can place it outside in your garden or let it burn out inside, making sure the window is wide open. Make sure its left for a long time and that it has no embers inside it still burning without smoke.

Traditionally you can bury or scatter the incense ashes on your land but if not possible empty it into some paper or foil and dispose of it. Leave the windows open for an hour or so to fully air and allow the fresh energies from outside to enter.

Double Whammy Method

I have done both these methods separately but find the most powerful clearings are when I use both methods described above. If you have someone to help you, its easier as one can use the Singing Bowl while the other follows behind with the incense. If your on your own then place the incense burner down somewhere safely and use the Singing Bowl first then follow with the Incense before moving on to the next room.

Afterwards your home will have been cleared completely right down to the last atom and positive energy will fill your space from the Sandalwood and Singing Bowl. The Singing bowl sound will also have cleansed your Chakras and aura, you will feel a bit blissed out like you have had a massage.

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