Thursday, 3 October 2013

Was this Astral Projection or a Lucid Dream?

Last week I had a strange experience while sleeping but I am not sure if this was a dream or an actual out of body experience. I will try to explain how it happened but things are are a little foggy as I should have written this down on the day.

First of all I just want to say that for the last few weeks I've been having very vivid dreams, even last night I went lucid at one point. During the experience last week I just remember finding myself floating in a room, this was not my bedroom. I was to caught up in my new found ability propel myself around the room by focusing where I wanted to go. Its very rare that I have had a dream of flying. The room was dark with the curtains shut like it was night but still illuminated slightly so I could see. 
There was a dressing room mirror at one side of the room but there was something strange about it. There was no reflection of me hovering in the middle of the room. Then I saw the reflection of the bed with what looked like someone under the duvet. I decided that this could be me asleep in the bed and that if it was then I must be astral travelling. I went towards the bed but it was actually empty.

Now this room which although it wasn't my bedroom, looked familiar. It looked like a house I used to live in as a child. The room looked like what would have been my sisters old room, but the furniture was different to how she used to have it. I decided to go check out the room next door to see 'my room' sure enough the room was there, illuminated by a soft blue light aswell, this light ive seen before. 
The bed was in the same place as I used to have it, and the bed appeared to have someone asleep in it. Again I wanted to see myself, to see if I was out of my body. I didnt seem to consider that this wasnt my bedroom at this point. I looked down at the person expecting to see myself but in horror I saw a woman with blonde hair. I freaked out at this point, why was someone in 'my' bed? Who was this person in my room? 
The woman got up out of bed, awakened. It was like she could see me, which I couldnt understand. How could she see me? She seemed to be coming towards me like she wasnt sure I was there or not. At this point I began to pick up? objects around the room and throw them around, like I was a poltergiest. I do not remember much more and I think I woke up around this point. The rest of the day I felt awful, ungrounded and like I had been hit over the head with a breeze block. 
It only occured to me later in the day that I may have visited my old house, and found new occupants there. Was the woman really seeing me like some kind of apparition or was she also in the astral? Or was this just a lucid dream?
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