Sunday, 3 November 2013

Powerful Psychic Protection Technique

I am occasionally contacted by people who have experienced quite serious psychic attacks. There are countless methods of psychic protection but I find the following method to be one of the most powerful and unique. Visualisation is a very powerful tool, encoded into this method are very powerful symbols and energy patterns. This technique also calls on a Higher Power which is always very effective.

This method is not a daily psychic protection technique, it should be used if you suspect or know you are under psychic attack, from a person, group or negative entity. It works even if Black Magick is being used and it works very fast. It literally seals you off from the source of the harm and makes you feel safe and secure. Did I also mention its super easy to learn and use? As with anything the more you put into this the better and longer lasting it will be.

I learnt this method from Psychic Healer Anne Jones who learnt it while living in Hong Kong from a Japanese Healer. It is something special and I believe it has ancient and secret origins... I will explain the steps here in my own way but please also watch the video below where Anne explains this and other psychic protection techniques as well.

1. Close your eyes

2. Visualise four huge, strong, tall trees surrounding you. One in front, one behind and one to your left and right side. You could see them as Oaks or Cedars for example.

3. Now visualise large thick solid Gold chains wrapped around these trees starting from the roots going all the way to the top of the trees. You can also add big Gold padlocks securing these chains even further.

4. Look up as the trees reach all the way up into the sky as a beam of pure white light descends down from the Creator Source or God and surrounds you in this divine energy.

Tip! - For those of you more practiced with this method or who like to use incense and oils in your spiritual practice I recommend using Cedarwood or Sandalwood with this to further enhance its power.

 Video - Anne Jones - Protecting Your Energy

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  1. Thanks for this! I often only realize that energy has been drained after the fact and while it can always be renewed by connecting to source it would be great to have this protection. Love the idea of visualizing trees.

  2. Yes that's one of the things that drew me to this one, very different to any other method ive come across