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My Oracle Cards, Angel Cards and Tarot Decks Reviews - Part 2

I have been meaning to post a follow up to my original article about my divination decks (See Part 1 here) which I post at the begining of the year. I wanted to share more of my collection as a few people have asked me and I know I am always interested to see what other people use myself.

The Galactic Heritage Cards 

These are the long awaited English version of the deck created by long time author and teacher Lyssa Royal. There are still very few starseed interest or spiritual ET oracle card decks available which has always surprised me. This is a 108 card deck with very unique artwork by David Cow. The cards are based on Lyssa's books (Especially Prism of Lyra) and channeled work so there is a focus on certain star systems, galactic history events and polarity integration. The oracle isnt really designed to reveal someones star origins, I need to work with it more to review it properly but it seems mostly a spiritual deck, dealing with working on issues from past lives and our starseed missions.

Angel Guidance Board

I dont think this oracle is available any more but you might get it second hand. It was brought out by Doreen Virtue quite a few years back in response to people wanting clearer guidance on specific areas of their life. It should not be confused with Ouija or talking boards and is actually a form of dice divination. You get two Quartz Crystal dice and different angel markers, you decide which life area you are most interested in which is governed over by an archangel and choose which marker you want. You put your question to that angel roll the dice and move the marker to that position on the board for your guidance or answer. I found this to be very helpful if used in conjunction with angel card readings as it can clarify things or sum up the reading. The only down side is that you are still limited in the answers available which is 11 per life area.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Yes probably the most well known and recognised Tarot deck. I have had a strange relationship with this classic deck, it was the first Tarot deck I had then later I gave it away. Years later I realised after purchasing many Tarot decks with themes and art that I liked that this deck is still the best deck for learning Tarot and perhaps the most clear about the meanings of the cards today. Most decks are based on this version of Tarot Cards (Or so they say) but the problem with many decks is they change the symbolism so much that the cards can take on a whole new meaning which isnt a bad thing but can get very hard as different decks have to be read differently. There are so many levels of symbolism in this deck which is part of its magic.

There are other options for colour and some alternative versions of this deck which stay true to the original designs. I did get the so called 'Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck' but personally found its colouring to be a bit gloomy and the line work was out of focus. This is because it is really a reproduction deck from an antique deck, as the cards have faded and were damaged over time they show how the colours look now not really how it would have looked at the time of printing. They do have a vintage look but I just associate so many of these images with the bright yellow and aqua of the deck that was published by US Games in the 70s I think.

Atlantis Cards

These were created by Diana Cooper and were inspired by her book 'Discover Atlantis'. The cards feature digital art which depicts various places, buildings and people from the Golden Age of Atlantis which fade to a white border, on the reverse is an explanation of what is shown and below is the guidance based on Atlantean wisdom. The cards are designed to bring back the positive ideas and ways of life from Atlantis. The cards are definatly more of a spiritual guidance deck, I found them most useful for daily one card readings. Diana has put up a free digital version of this deck on her site for you to try it out for a daily reading as well as a few other decks she has here:

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