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Discover Your Astrological Guardian Buddha of Protection

Each and every person has a Guardian Buddha (Bodhisattva) who is said to protect those born under the 12 different animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac. There are eight astrological Buddhas in total who also rule over the eight compass directions and the five elements of the compass. Like working with Angels, enlightened spiritual beings can only really help us if we ask. Those drawn to Eastern wisdom such as Buddhism may find this knowledge can become a new plate in your psychic armor. Remember all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas teach compassion and they will help you regardless if you are a Buddhist or not.

To find who is your personal Buddha of protection, you must know what your Chinese animal sign which is based on your year of birth. Please check the exact time as the date in which the Chinese new year begins changes yearly as the calender is based on a lunar cycle. Check Your Sign Here. Once you know your Chinese zodiac sign you can then consult the following list of Guardian Buddhas:

Rat - Avalokiteshvara, The Buddha of Compassion

Ox - Akasagarbha, The Buddha of Boundless Space

Tiger - Akasagarbha, The Buddha of Boundless Space

Rabbit - Manjushri, The Buddha of Wisdom

Dragon - Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth

Snake - Samantabhadra, The Lord of Truth

Horse Mahasthamaprapta, The Buddha of Great Strength

Sheep - Vairocana, The Great Illuminator

Monkey - Vairocana, The Great Illuminator

Rooster - Acala, The Great Protector

Dog - Amitabha, The Buddha of Infinite Light

Boar - Amitabha, The Buddha of Infinite Light

Alternate Names of the Buddhas

The names of the Buddhas given above are from Tibetan Buddhism, you will find that there are other names and different spelling used in various countries. Its a good idea to research your Buddha and any alternative names as this is very helpful when looking for images. Buddhism is quite multidimensional so it is understood these beings have various aspects and have incarnated as different people. For example Avalokiteshvara the Guardian of the Rat is more well known in China in the female form as Kuan Yin. Ive included some links at the end of this article which will also show you the Japanese names.

Kuan Yin the Bodhisattva of the Rat

How to work with your Guardian

You can call on the help of your Buddha anyway that you like. You can visualise them and request their help, some have a mantra associated with them as well. In some Buddhist Temples they sell amulets selected by your animal sign which show your Guardian Buddha, a few even show the animal sign with the Buddha. Thanks to the internet you can easily find art, amulets, pendants and even key chains and wallet cards which depict these protectors to help remind you that you are protected and anchor their energy. 

You can also display a Buddha statue in or outside your home or place them on your Altar. Never place a Buddha directly on the floor as this may be considered disrespectful. You could even create a small Buddha altar as simple or as elaborate as you like. During times when you are having problems in your life or need protection you can light candles, meditate or burn incense here.

Simple Buddha Altar

Standing Buddha with Crystals


Research your Protector

Please do research the Buddha associated with your animal sign. You will start to see that different forms of the Buddha may have slightly different meanings. Look at the mudras ( hand positions), notice if they are portrayed standing or sitting or with certain objects. Alot of Buddhist deities are commonly misidentified online, even in Buddhist countries you will see people selling Samantabhadra as Kuan Yin. Here are some useful websites for further reseach:

The Buddhist Protectors of the Chinese Zodiac

Japanese Buddhist Zodiac Lore

Home Altar Inspirations

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