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Starting a Tarot Journal (finally...)

Well its one of those things you read about in most books on the Tarot, watch any video on youtube with top tips for learning Tarot and they will always mention this. Do we listen? No. Well im hoping to change that. What stopped me was mainly that I have been keeping a Spiritual Journal for almost 10 years now. It includes dreams, experiences, dowsing questions, Tarot and Oracle Card readings. It can be hard to find specific readings from the past and also it isnt meant to record my impressions of each card in Tarot for future reference.

So ive decided to finally start a Tarot Journal to help me source all the meanings of the cards in one location, rather than flicking through different books. I can add in my own interpretations as I start to formulate them. I can also record Tarot readings for future reference and I can create a library of useful spreads ive found or created myself. Ultimatly it will help me formulate what the cards mean for me!

The Magic of Pen and Ink

Since starting this project ive already noticed that the meanings of the cards are much easier to remember. There is something about writing on paper that can help stick things better in your mind. Sometimes we read things online or in a book and as soon as you close the window or book - it vanishes from your brain!


Choosing a Special Journal

To help put me in the mood and to really make it clear to my conscious and subconsious mind that this is my Tarot Journal not a random note book, I have found a beautiful journal with an antique reproduction book cover with gilded details that makes it look like a very old book (See below). This is not a leather bound book but gives the same effect for the fraction of the price. I chose a lined version to keep my writing from wandering but they are light enough not to interfere with any drawings.

Enlightenment Journal by Peter Pauper Press

Using Tarot Card Images

The first thing I did was then download some files which contain all 78 Tarot cards of the Rider Waite designs. I have quite a few different decks but despite how I love those after many years I have come to  realise that the Rider Waite deck (and all its variations) is the easiest to learn with and has much research support in books and websites. Its also my nostalgia deck, I used this deck back in the 90's, its truely a magical deck, it has layers of meaning but remains clear and not confusing or distracting. Focusing on this deck will open the other decks for me and give me a base to interpret all other Tarot decks. I printed off the card images and cut them out and stuck one per page of my book. Here is the link to the files I used which are set out ready for A4 printing paper and are in full colour: Printable Tarot Deck.

Iconic image of the Fool from the Rider Waite Tarot

Tarot Journal Page Layout

This is how ive started to arrange my pages, so far I have just finished the Major Arcana. Ive put the number and title at the top left, image is top right. Ive listed attributes such as astrological associations (Ive seen some varying opinion on these), Hebrew letters, plus a special Tarot Journal Symbol (more about this below), associations with cards of the Minor Arcana (Eg. Magician rules the Aces) plus symbols that appear in the cards. Symbols for The Fool would be the bag on a stick, the white rose, the dog, cliff and the Sun. Then the rest of the page is divided into two sections for the Upright Meanings and Reversed Meanings, this leaves me plenty of space to add my own interpretations as I gain experience.

For the Minors ill have elements and the Court Cards will have signs of the zodiac and personality traits. To make life easier ive left a couple of blank pages at the begining of the journal so that I can put an index for the card meanings and jump to the page I need for quick interpretations.

My Tarot Journal

Tarot Journal Symbols

 I came across these on good old Pinterest. When recording Tarot readings it can be a problem especially if you want to simplify things or are short of space. Tarot Journal Symbols are the answer, they are simple symbols based on the imagery of the cards which can be drawn with a pen in a few strokes. I wasnt completely happy with some of the symbols I found here so I have made up some of my own and kept those that work for me. Here is an example of what they might look like:

Lenormand Cards?

Im still not sure but rather than have a separate Journal for my Lenormand card studies and readings I might just add them them to this journal. I will start the meanings of the 36 cards of the Lenormand after ive finished all the Tarot card entries. Now choosing which deck images I will use, that might be a tricky one but again think I will go for something traditional, clear and historic as my learning base.

The Lenormand De Marseilles

To see the next blog post about my Tarot Journal with full update please click the link below:

My Tarot Journal Update!

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  1. What a great idea, I need to do something like this and I like the idea about journaling other aspects of my spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing. L&L

    1. Sorry for the late reply I was away. Journaling is great therapy too!

  2. Great idea! I agree that having a specific journal for tarot and making it pretty can really help put you in the right mind set to take it seriously! I've been putting this off, but now I really think I'm inspired to do it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. Its been really helppful and great to refer to. The pages are almost full now. I should do an update really :)

  3. ALTHOUH I'm looking for 'something else' this was great...............Thanks